Getting Comfortable with Conversations about Dating and Sex – It’s Real Talk!

While dating can be challenging and awkward for everyone, a recent article published on CBC brings light to the difficulties of dating for people with Asperger’s and Autism. We also talk about Real Talk, a sexual health initiative for people living with cognitive disabilities, their supporters, caregivers and staff.

Shared Living Looking Forward

At posAbilities, we understand the value of compatibility and treat every Shared Living arrangement with care. This is why the success of other residential services around the world continues to inspire the work we do! An added and often unexpected benefit of home sharing? The lifelong companionship that may come along with it.

Where John Found Home

“This has never felt like a job or contract, it feels like we’re doing the right thing and helping somebody out." Discover what happened when Shared Living Provider, Maggie, opened up her loving home to John, a person with disabilities.

Staying Social on Social Media Through Meaningful Online Connections

Have you heard about the changes Facebook is making to your newsfeed? Don't worry, it's easy to ensure you stay connected with us by using the "See first" preference! Read this week's blog to find out how.

So Colin, what’s it all abOUT?

Contributed by Colin Darge & edited by Francis Heng   Colin Darge is a gay man with diverse abilities. He is the co-founder of abOUT, a social and support group for LGBTQ+ people labeled with Intellectual Disabilities. Colin lives in Vancouver and spends a lot of his time on the computer connecting with other people with Williams Syndrome. abOUT can be reached through Facebook at On July 19, the group that I co-founded called abOUT hosted our very first...